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    I have went through an experience with my Rift Touch controllers either sticking or floating away and doing very weird things.
    Wanted to share what the problem was. It all started when I installed a 3rd sensor. Never could get by the setup in the sensor setup menu.
    When I would run Beat Saber I could barely play the game. Things worked ok with two sensors for the most part. Still had tracking issues if you moved really fast in the Expert+ songs
    Installed a new usb 3.0 pcie card and it didn’t help.
    After hours of working on it I finally realized something. We had Christmas lights up from last year running around the ceiling in the room. (Kids like to have them on for night lights.)
    The lights were interfering with the IR from the sensors. Turned the lights off and everything works great. Setup went through the entire sensor setup with all 3 sensors no problem.
    So if you are having problems with yours look around and see if there are any lights, mirrors, or anything that could interfere with the IR from the sensors.
    Hope this helps someone.

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